Vendo Sony DSC-V1

Two week ago I went to Linux Conference Australia, a great conference, photos here by the way. I made a connection in Auckland, New Zealand. While we were landing, I was seeing the beaches, it is so beautiful. I thought “I should take some pictures”, then I realize “where is my camera?”. With all the rush, no sleeping, packing on the last minute, my beautiful DSC-V1 stayed on my desk.

As you can tell by the pictures, that didn’t stop me. I bought a Sony DSC-W70 on the Duty Free, really worth it. I think this is more likely to be a camera for me, it is smaller and less options, but good enough. But now I want to see my beautiful V1, which kills me just thinking, but ok, I can’t have two expensive cameras.

The Sony V1 was my choice first because at that time, was the only one with Night Shot, which makes pictures like this:

Andreza in Night ModeMy Little Sister

It has 5M pixels resolutions, optical zoom of 4x, and *a lot* of features. It is a semi professional digital camera. It is not on production anymore, I think the Night Shot and Night Framing(you see the environment as a night shot, to help you to focus, but you take a regular picture) takes too much space.

There is the review here
The camera is powered by an included rechargeable InfoLithium NP-FC11 battery. It measures 3 15/16 by 2 9/16 by 2 1/5 inches and weighs 10.9 ounces (without batteries). The battery is charged in-camera by connecting to the included AC adapter. It is possible to shoot MPEG movies with audio at a resolution of 640×480 or 160×112. Manual exposure controls, 1.5 inch LCD, Auto daylight synchro fill flash, Hot shoe and ACC terminal . And my comes with the regular 32Mb memory card plus a 256mb one and the bag.

I think I’m going to sell it by 340 dollars. Plus shippment. Anyone interested?

Como falei anteriormente, acabei comprando uma nova camera porque esqueci a minha. Quem viu a foto com o tio Linus sabe que valeu a pena, mas como eu não posso ficar com duas câmeras caras, vou vender a V1.

A Sony DSC-V1 foi minha escolha na época porque é a única com Night shot, como a foto acima. Também tem o Night Framing, que mostra em modo noturno mas tira a foto normal, muito util para ambientes escuros. Tem zoom ótico de 4x, que é realmente bom. Que mais, regulagem de abertura, tempo de exposição, mais uma dúzia de modos já prontos: neve, paisagem, praia, noite. Grava em formato MPEG em resolução 640×480 ou 160×112(com audio, claro). Visor de 1.5 LCD. Mede 99 x 65 x 56mm e pesa 280g. Vem com o memory card de 32Mb mais um adicional de 256Mb, além da bolsa para carregar. É uma câmera semi profissional, que provavelmente vai encontrar melhor uso, eu não devo aproveitar nem metade dela.

Sony V1

Tem uma análise completa aqui.

Vendo por 700 reais. Alguem interessado ou alguem que conheça alguem interessado?


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