Brazilian Politicians – according to Uncyclopedia

According to the local folklore, Brazilian politicians can only be killed with stakes, holy water or exorcisms from the Pope himself. The most popular theory is that they are Sauron’s orcs in disguise, while some favor the idea that they are, in fact, Dracula’s poor cousins enjoying their retirement in a tropical country. Support for the latter comes from famed politician-slash-dark-wizard Ioseph Dircaeus, who has been seen riding a Nazgul in the sky. His natural enemies are old men with canes and men abused by their wives (ie, Jefferson). They also tend not to like orcs.

They can be separated into 3 subsections:

* The Corrupt: Approximately 99.37% of the Brazilian government can be classified here.
* The Pure: Uncorrupted as of yet. Also known as “first-termers” or “idiots”
* The Inane: President Squidward.

More about Brazil.

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