Good news from the girly front

Ubuntu t-shirts: after some reports from their target audience, the ladies Ubuntu T-Shirts are available. Now I may think on buying one for my collection. Thanks Ubuntu Women‘s for the efforts and Marketing for listening!

Ubuntu T-shirts for women

Novell marketing campaign and ads: sometime ago, Novell cracked female open source community up picturing Linux as a girl in their new advertising videos.

She is Linux!Click here to see the video

That was really cool. But I went to a Novell tradeshow this week, and paid attention to their products brochures, and I realize they always tend to picture lots of females as engineers or “people working on a chart” – not sure if they mean business, sales or what kind of people. But it sure makes anyone comfortable by not been an alien for them. Kudos to Novell too.

XKCD – Thanks to friends who sent the link to that cartoon which also were posted everywhere in the “she’s geeky” blogsphere.


Linux for Women(?) – not sure if this is good news, but apparently a troll’s idea convinced some people. We had another troll attack last week in Linuxchix, but the idea he sent around also to Debian Women was taken seriously. published two perspectives about that idea, and I’m with the “Linux distro for women? Thanks, but no”. One of the beauty of Open Source is that you can fork and change anything you want, but don’t count on me for that one.

“We found women in tech, so why are you still not reporting about them?” – that was an amazing gesture from a guy who saw his female co-organizer and hard worker not been recognized by doing so. Chris Messina is one of the organizers of Web2Open unconference, and reports about an article published in BusinessWeek magazine about the event. The article “particular undermines the credit that Tara deserves for the incredible amount of work that she did to make Web2Open happen. If anyone, she’s the one that really deserves to be called out in the article.” It is really exciting see nowadays lots of examples from guys in standing up and recognizing the effort of their female co-workers. Kudos to Chris – and to Tara Hunt for her amazing job!


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