yet another cold…

Are you kidding me?

I’m back from Chile, and as usual, I have a cold. Enough already! What, can’t I be just two hours without my jacket while answering mails in the airport? Am I that intolerant to air conditioner? Damn!

Conference there was very cool. People from Chile are very sympathetic and caring. Everyone asked me what I thought of the conference and the country, even the policeman at immigration… we had the barbecue, and I think Pisco Sour is great. I never before was asked for so many pictures and interviews; another policeman recognized me as the Linux expert on the newspaper…

Another cool moment was the religious experience Carlos Rojas reported when he borrowed me the keys for his jipe. What? Sorry, my car is automatic, I’m not used to manual gear. Of course he didn’t asked that, just if I have a license, which I do. You should see the look at his face when I told him that while I was driving 😀 but c’mon, I drive in São Paulo, how hard can it be to drive with no other car for miles. He said he has new love for live now. Ok, I admited, I was feeling evil that day 😀 but it is true, if you drive in São Paulo you are able to drive anyplace else – besides possible Bangalore 🙂

I was unusually tired, but this was my third conference in two weeks. Thanks Miguel for inviting me and to all organizers. It was fun to remember the student times.

I bought lots of souvenirs: penguin earrings and a matching penguin necklace, a stuffed penguin, a penguin tequila shot cup… I’m telling you, if you want to buy penguin souvenirs, Chile is the place! I wanted to buy a stuffed Llama, but that will be when I go to Perú. And I will call my new penguin Naty 😉


5 thoughts on “yet another cold…

  1. Sulamita,

    Just one phrase: it was a great conference!

    Thanks for believe in our project, come to Chile and give us the opportunity to know more about you and your projects.

    We will be waiting your return… remember: Chile is your home 🙂

    Un abrazo…


  2. Muchas gracias por participar en el encuentro linux 2007 en Arica-Chile, muy buenas las charlas y la interaccion entre expositores y organizadores…

    Saludos desde Chile 🙂

  3. Minor nit: borrow == take, lend == give.

    WRT the cold, I suspect it’s caused by the excessively dry air in flight. If you drink a lot of water, you might not get a cold (and I mean a _lot_, about 1.2 litres per hour after the first hour).

  4. saludos desde Arica..

    yo era espectador..

    estuvo muy bueno el encuantro y las charlas…

    y tu dejando calro que para las mujeres no es un pudor usar el computador

    chauz saludos desde arica

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