Rocking on the States

Oh my God. Oh my Goddess. Oh my Holy Shiva.

I went to Ozzy Osbourne concert last week, in Portland. That was absolutely blowing mind experience, but not due the performance of the big guy.

First, it was interesting to me to find out no one else was going to. And everyone that I said I was going to the concert gave me an “are you sure?” look. Danese said probably would be just the teenagers or old people, because metal is something for those who don’t grow up or don’t want to…

But I went anyway. I have heard about the fact that most concerts in USA there is limited sits, and when you buy your ticket, you have your own designated sit. I didn’t thought that would be the case for a rock concert, but when I entered the Rose Garden Arena, they were there. All the chairs perfectly aligned. OMFG. It took me I think 10min to get used to that idea and sit in my designated chair. But it took me half of hour to really believe that those were there for real.

Anyway, the first band was In This Moment. The band was entering the stage, and the last one was the singer, a skinny blond girl dressed like Alice in the Wonderland. That must be interesting, I thought. And it was, she is awesome! When she started to literally scream their music, everybody was astonished. Check there what she is capable of in this video. Too bad I forgot to buy their CD on the way out.

After that, Rob Zombie. That was a serious rockstar concert. Flames, chinese dragons, video clips… The music is great, I want to buy his cd too. But I don’t know, like I said when I went to Marilyn Manson, I like the music, not all the circus. I think if you need circus, you don’t have too much quality. But with an audience entirely organized sitting on their chairs, you probably need much more resources to motivate them to standing up, and even more to make them jumping.

So it was time for Ozzy enter. Before the music starts, they play several videos where Ozzy puts himself in famous movies or video clips. Like, he was Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of Caribbean, bitting the head of the parrot; or he was in the movie about the Queen of England, where he was giving oral sex to her – “what a guy needs to do in this business”… So, finally, Ozzy enters. He really loves to be there, he has so much fun.But, you know, he is clearly getting old. He lost the key so many times… but even so most of the music was great. He had a lot of fun throwing soap foam in the audience, and they respond throwing bras back. But after 40min, he goes back stage, and stays there for about 15min, while his guitar player keeps making noises with his guitar – I’m so glad I wasn’t born in the 60’s when all was about those half hour guitar solos-uncomprehensive-noises. Then Ozzy comes back, sings some more songs, and end.

It was interesting experience, but I so don’t want to go to another rock concert here. Only if I buy like the first tickets to the first line, for that those concerts are good. And it was good to see any and every type of people there, families and so. But sorry, mom and dad, that’s not what rock is about.

Bruce Dickinson always says that their favorite concerts are those one in Brazil. I sure can understand why. I invite anyone to go to Brazil experience it. Really, be my guest. I sure will be there on March 2nd, 2008, São Paulo.

Btw, Cansei de Ser Sexy is the band behind new iPod Touch campaign!


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