Yet another end of the year post…

Last year I wrote a here-comes-another-new-year-eve message, and it was a success. It had more than 2000 access, more than any other post in this blog. The message was quite simple: try new shits next year. This was inspired by the fear I hear from so many people that are afraid to try something new and that may go wrong. What I don’t understand is why the same people do over and over again the same things that they know already are going to end up in some shit. I’m not excluding myself on that, but at least I lost the fear of trying new stupid mistakes. So I claimed people to do new errors: if shits happens, at least try some new ones! And people seemed to like it.

I can say I did plenty of new shit this year. Some cool, some very bad. But as always, I learned, and I love to think that at least I tried to do it different. This was the year I turned 30, so I’m definitely a grown up… or am I? My “middle-age” crises took just a week, and Sex and the City can serve at least to find funny quotes for those things – “Are men just women with balls?”. Or some really meaningful thoughts – “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with”.

I did kung fu, which I loved. I changed jobs again, which made me stop kung fu for sometime, but I’m still loving both – kung fu and my new job. I think I will rejoin kung fu. Changing jobs involved more things than just evaluating professional growth and benefits, it involved helping others and personal decisions. The last one was the harder one, but also the one receiving more responsibility, and I really didn’t wanted to put this weight on it. So, I still hope for the best.

I did lots of old shits too, like becoming more and more anxious, like having to solve everything right now, like la la la not listening to you. But the best lessons for this year were:

Exercising controls my anxiety and promotes world peace 🙂 as well helps me to loose weight.

I can make mistakes. I don’t need to kill myself when I make them. And hence, I can tolerate other people mistakes.

Love is a decision. To fall in love is a chemical reaction, it is about your genes getting excited for finding someone compatible. But to love someone is a decision you make, and you keep it in mind when comes a hard time. There is no excuse for put up with people who are reckless with your feelings, but to build a relationship means a lot of work too. And when you decide to go for it, you make it worths.

So, a happy new year for all! And since there is no LOLCat for New Year’s Eve, there goes the second best I’ve seen:

love you food


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