2008 Resolutions

* Learn French – now people will be able to complain about my writing in four languages!
* Find a new place, with a parking lot and close to my catsitter
* Buy a dish washer machine
* Do another singing course module

To resolve:
* Kung fu or regular gym? I still have those f****n’ 10kg to loose…
* a Asus EeePC or a Macbook?


10 thoughts on “2008 Resolutions

  1. Carlos: a catsitter is a babysitter for my cat 🙂

    all: in the Chaos Communication Congress, 25% of the registered mac address on the network were Apples, if I remember correctly. There’s must be something…

  2. Avi, are you kidding?! 🙂

    I think clueless people love Macs because they are ease to use. Nerds love the “elegant” ease of use.

    And remembers, behind Mac OS you have a Un*x system, so the nerd within always can use Terminal… 🙂

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