FISL 9.0

This post is for my non-Portuguese able friends 🙂

FISL 9.0 was by far the largest Free and Open Source conference ever. Officially, 7400 people participated in the 3-day conference which happens every year in Porto Alegre, Brazil. You have no idea what it is like, even if you’ve been here before. Luckily, it went back to the PUC university, close to downtown, with several options of good food and transportation.

It was my first conference really working – means attached to a company booth – but I skipped away many times 🙂 The talks were all recorded and will be available online soon, although most of the content is in Portuguese. But as images are a universal language, here my pictures and here is the FISL 9.0 pool of everybody’s pictures.

So, start making plans. I hope to see you all there next year!


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