My Christmas gift is priceless, and cost you nothing!

LG and Jacques Janine beauty salon are doing this wonderful promotion, where you can help me to get the best Christmas gift ever! And will cost you only one minute of your time!

Each salon will award the client with the higher number of online votes with a LG Steam Wash&Dryer. The website is in Portuguese, but if you would like to be part of my Christmas gift, I will guide you through:

Access, and after the page finishes loading, click in the animation to enter

Click on the “Vote Aqui!” (vote here) tab

In the first space – “Código do participante” (participant code) – you put my code, which is 9xgefz7u. Remember, 9xgefz7u. Again, 9xgefz7u.

In the second space – “Insira seu nome” (insert your name) – you put your name (I will be receiving e-mails telling me you voted 🙂 )

In the third space – “Sua cidade” (your city) – well, you got that

In the fourth space – “Estado” (state) – you select the last one, “Fora do Brasil” (outside Brazil)

And finally, you write the characters in the captcha box.

See, easy, you don’t even have to tell your mail address!!! And you learn some Portuguese! And you will be helping me to get one of those wonderful machines! Because I need to be more time on the computer and less time dealing with a really old washing machine 🙂 Look how shinny!!!!



4 thoughts on “My Christmas gift is priceless, and cost you nothing!

  1. Entao, eu fui votar e recebi a msg:

    PHP Warning: mktime() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in E:\home\lgsteambeauty\Web\vota_salao_ver.php on line 24


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