Honest CV

Inspired by Honest CV talk, by Daria Drauzowicz.

Sulamita is a restless seeker. She seeks peace of mind and happiness, but never seem to be able to hold on to it. She would like to enjoy the journey, not just the 5min after achieving something she has set her mind to, while already thinking about what’s next, or trying to find what may be wrong.

Sulamita spends a lot of her time taking care of others. For work, it keeps people focused on what needs to be done. Off work, keeps her family’s life in balance. She wishes she would not forget herself in the process.

Sulamita is passionate about creating meaningful connections with interesting people. She loves finding time to know about people’s dreams and loves to hear their stories.

Which is probably why she listens and finds the good into most people, and she watches and nurture her son’s truth, so he can have the security to express himself.

Her biggest strength is being resilient and that allows her to create a life and a family on her own terms, and to offer to her son the chances she did not have. A secret? She is an undercover Tiger. A big and incredibly strong cat.