She’s Geeky – A Women’s Tech (un)conference

She’s Geeky (
A Women’s Tech (un)conference
October 22-23 in Mountain View, CA.

This event is designed to bring together women from a range of technology-focused disciplines who self identify as geeky. Our goal is to support skill exchange and learning between women working in diverse fields and to create a space for networking and to talk about issues faced by women in technology.

Feel free to draw more from details on the website.
More details about the event going into and motivations and hopes here:

If you are coming or hope to come to the (un)conference, you could also talk about:
* what it means to you to be a geek?
* why you are excited about meeting with other women geeks?
* the skills you can offer others at the event
* the issues you hope we can talk about

If you can’t make it we would love it if you could blog about it anyways. You could comment on what you hope we can talk about the issues you think are alive or important to women in technology and the industry generally.

Please pass on information about the (un)conference to any other women who would enjoy attending, and contributing to, the event.

We are working on figuring out our ‘pre-programmed’ content on Monday afternoon so I am open to hearing ideas from you all.

If you are planning on attending now is a great time to register before prices go up at the end of September there is a two step process registering on the wiki & paying via paypal.

We are still looking for sponsors. If you or your company would like to contributor if you have ideas about who we might invite to contribute, please contact us at shesgeeky at gmail dot com.


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